During events, like football matches, concerts and such like, not only visitors must be able to feel safe. Every organisation is responsible for its personnel and stewards. It will never be possible to fully prevent the risk of aggression, vandalism and other forms of misbehaviour, neither before, during or after an event.

Happy Crowd Control

Our new innovative system, Happy Crowd Control, reduces that risk to a minimum making it almost impossible to get away with undesirable conduct. Persons with a stadium ban, or persona non grata, will not even be able to enter the grounds.

Safety and security from entrance to exit

Happy Crowd Control (HCC) focuses on user-friendly and fast access. The certainty that known troublemakers, or those who misbehave, will be apprehended or prevented from entering the stadium at all, gives a sense of security. Our starting point is a clear view on visiting an event: those who want to have a nice time want easy and fast access and do not wish to be disturbed by troublemakers.